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What are the best practices when it comes to group travel?

What are the best practices when it comes to group travel?

When should you book group travel and where should you go? How big is a group? How do you even start? Let's breathe for a minute and chat.

Whether it’s a family reunion, a destination wedding, or a corporate retreat, group travel is an eventuality in all of our lives. Unless you’re booking on a prearranged tour, and even then you need coordination, it helps to hire a travel agent and follow some standard advice.

Tailor Made Itineraries

Depending upon the size of your group, you could always join a pre-made tour like with our vendor Globus Journeys. They also now have private tours for Europe. But if it’s a destination wedding or corporate retreat, that may not fit your needs. That’s where tailor made itineraries come in.

If your group has a purpose beyond the travel itself, then you need specific arrangements. Tailor-made itineraries are perfect for those who have special travel interests, would like a custom route, or for groups who have special needs. With tailor-made itineraries, you choose your budget and we design the trip that is right for your group’s needs.

Plan Now

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.” Chinese Proverb

If your group is larger than twenty people, you should book a year in advance. This seems like a long time ahead, but generally hotels sell their rooms in blocks and they fill up quickly. Even if your group is over ten, booking as far in advance (6-12 months) will give you the assurance you’d like.

Of course, we can make recommendations for any last minute trips, but you may need to be more flexible with destination and details.

Merging Travel Styles

One person’s “active pace” could be another’s “leisurely pace.” Travel is exhausting. Fun, but exhausting. Self awareness and communication are key. If you aren’t the person who likes ziplining in the rainforest, then you need another activity in Costa Rica while 85% of the group does that.

Corporate events should have several types of activities. Consider your family’s health when planning a family reunion. Friends can be a tough one. Being honest and open about what you’d like to do is the best bet. I recently stayed behind while my friends ventured out of country. We were all happier that way. It’s okay to have alone time even during group travel.

Sharing Expenses

Money. Yep. It costs money to travel and that can be awkard if left to the last minute. When traveling with friends quite a few issues can come up -- including money. Don’t worry. Lifehacker has great advice.

“Another good practice is to create a group fund for joint expenses such as taxi rides. At the start, everyone puts in the same amount and when the fund is empty, everyone pays in the same amount.” Heather Yamada-Hosley

What kind of groups travel together?

Any type of group can travel together. We’ve arranged group travel from family reunions to water polo clubs, corporate events to destination weddings. With group travel, many of the participants arrive from airports around the country or globe. The sky's the limit!

And remember, the point of travel is to make memories and bond with one another.

“Getting to know your group members may be one of the most important tips on group travel. Whether you know them already or not, sharing a travel experience will definitely bring you closer together.” Alex Creange

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