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A travel agency is an important resource to the modern traveler from Gen Z, Y, X, and, of course, Baby Boomers.

What does a travel agent do for you?

  • Far from obsolete, travel agencies open the world to the unseasoned and veteran traveler alike. Travel agents know how to book air the best way for you. This means your travel style, preferences, and, of course, budget. Travel agencies have access to wholesale pricing through their vendors: tour operators. Tour operators often do not allow clients to book directly with them. Feel free to read more on our blog post here.

What is a single supplement?

How much do travel experts charge for their services?

  • While some travel agencies charge a small research fee, we at Trip Designs do not. We rely upon commissions from our wholesale vendors and our services are offered to you at no charge.

What happens if I need an air exchange or waiver due to a death in the family?

  • When a passenger requests a refund or exchange penalty waiver due to his/her illness or an illness of a family member, the only acceptable form of proof is a medical certificate/hospitalization record. Doctor's notes in general, are not accepted. Read more on our blog post here.

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