Italy, Croatia, Greece, Europe

Greece: Athens, Santorini, Thessoliniki -- it's where the old world meets the new.

As our travel expert Miroslav describes his last trip, "Thessaloniki is a place where the past meets the future. This unique place has many historical sites from the Byzantine period. The Ionian Islands have great vineyards and olive groves. Beaches are great, the sea is fantastic, and nights clear and the stars are bright."

Croatia: Dobrovnik, Zagreb, Zadar. From views of the Adriatic sea, to a sea organ, to fine dining, or museums in the inland capital. It's an experience you'll want to check off.

Italy: Venice, Rome, Tuscany. With Genoa in the north and the Almalfi Coast in the south, you're sure to find reasons to return to Italy for different experiences each year: wine tasting, historical sites, and romantic sunsets await you.

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