Marija Balaban

Travel Planner

Marija Balaban

Countries visited: 18 including Italy, Spain, and Czech Republic

Best part of being a travel agent?

I make people happy and discover new places along the way.

If I weren’t a travel agent I would be an archaeologist or a tour guide, so I can roam the world exploring myths, legends, and local history. Or I would even be a flight attendant – aside from travelling everywhere, they are all gorgeous.

Favorite vacation spot?

Petrovac, Montenegro, and its beautiful sandy beaches flanked by evergreen groves.

Most memorable travel experience?

A guided tour through Spain, visiting Sagrada Familia and Salvador Dali museum.

My last vacation was in Skopje, Macedonia! We met some of the nicest and most hospitable people who directed us to several must-see spots, including a gondola ride to the top of a nearby Vodno mountain where we absorbed 360-degree views of the city lights. We also perused the old part of the city, stopping for a bite at a local eatery that was serving delicious chevapi and baklava.

Next stop?

I just went to Greece and Venice which I love. But my bucket list includes the pyramids in Egypt, then Hagia Sophia in Turkey, Peru’s Machu Picchu, India Cuba, Maldives, Paris, London and who knows where else.

Any Questions?

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