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Travel Souvenirs: How do you remember your travels?

Travel Souvenirs: How do you remember your travels?

It's fun to bring a bobble or two home from your travels? Here are some of the things we like to bring home. What are yours?

Traveling is wonderful and expansive. But it also taxes your senses. It’s hard to remember the name of that shop you had pear crepes at or the garden you wanted to see in Puerto Vallarta. It’s fine that you took photos from the top of the Eiffel Tower, but many of us like to have tactile objects to solidify our memories. Not only that, but it’s fun to bring gifts home to our friends and family. Having a memento of your travels and to capture those moments is a fun way to bring those experiences back to life.

Here are a few ways that our team of travel professionals capture memories.

Ana Marija

Sometimes I buy jewelry but most of the time I buy a keychain or fridge magnet. In the winter time I buy Christmas ornaments for the tree. And then I remember where it was from. If the country is known for a specific food or spice, I buy that to bring to my friends. In Greece they have a pink pepper so I bought that for presents.


From every trip I always but Fridge magnets and symbol of this city. Also, if I find in Starbucks a little mag for espresso with name of the city this is my obsession. :-)


I usually buy postcards, fridge magnets, wine, and a symbol of the city I visited.


I used to buy fridge magnets and shot glasses. As I’ve traveled more, I realized I don’t have space for those any longer. Instead, I bring back something that reminds my family of the culture. In Greece, I got honey with figs. In Mexico I got a Mayan mask. In Polynesia, I brought back Manoi oil.


I was told by my friend Kathy Klingaman from Top Broker Network to always buy myself jewelry. I do that along with small books. I always bring back a n embroidered hat for my BFF Julz but my nieces and nephew like keychains.

The Travel Channel has some great tips, too. We want to know how you remember your vacations.

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