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Memorable Summer Vacations Beyond the Road Trip

Memorable Summer Vacations Beyond the Road Trip

Are you looking for something different this year? We have some ideas.

When it comes to summer vacation, road trips are fine, but wouldn't it be nice to have something better to write about when school starts?

“Are we there yet?”

Road trips may be the traditional American vacation and part of what we did as children. But with travel deals so easily accessible, why not expand the environment for your whole family. And how many times can you play Slug Bug anyway?

Instead of putting miles on your car, enjoy some time at the beach. Costa Rica, Tahiti, Mexico, Hawaii, and Caribbean are all famous for their resorts, beaches, and water sports.

Beach vacations are ideal for families with school-aged children because the parents can relax while the children spend their seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy.

"An enriched environment offers new experiences that are strong in combined social, physical, cognitive, and sensory interaction." Dr. Margot Sunderland - Parents Magazine

Enhanced Experiences

Depending upon the vacation you choose, an educational program or kids club may even present an opportunity for you and your spouse to spend some quality time while your entire family is reconnecting.

Ditch the technology, games, and sibling rivalry for a destination worth experiencing.

Going to a different place increases the curiosity in kids. There’s a vast canvas to absorb from, not just for children but also for adults. Right from flora, fauna to culture, people, relationships, architecture, history, there is so much to see and experience. They come to know that there is a world apart from theirs, which is beautiful and exciting." Amruta Deshpande - Parent Circle

My Kids are Too Young To Remember

No such thing. If Europe strikes your fancy, there are plenty of tour operators who offer literature-based tours based upon your favorite books -- including Harry Potter.

All experiences matter. Create memories by visiting castles, spark your child's imagination, or visit one of several family resorts to immerse yourselves in nature.

"My parents would take me to Guatemala as a child. I don’t remember a lot of the trips, but I do know that when I went back as a young adult, I felt comfortable in my surroundings. I didn’t spend my time there discovering a new way of life. I spent the time having fun with my family." Jessica Burns - Motherly Jessica Burns - Motherly

Costa Rica and Hawaii have volcanoes, jungles, and sloths. Mexico has rainforests, whale watching, and sea turtles. Tthe Caribbean has diverse wildlife, and Tahiti has it all.

We love planning family vacations so whichever destination you choose, the memories will last a lifetime -- and you won’t have to stop for gas.

Let's start today.

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