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In 2019, Resolve to Travel More

In 2019, Resolve to Travel More

Making New Year’s Resolutions is a good American tradition and we often have lofty, unmeasurable goals. But what if you took one thing -- travel, say -- and focused on how you could travel more this year?
Travel is good for the soul. It gives us a rest from our daily routines and our busy lives. Americans do not take enough of their earned vacation time. We wrote about it earlier this year in our article about self-care.
So how can you work in travel if we’re always working?

Become a Digital Nomad

The beauty of the “always on” work mentality is that all you need is a laptop and WiFi to work. As a person who works remotely when not at Trip Designs, this appeals to me greatly. That said, many digital nomads like Jon Brown from 9Seeds prefer to stay in a destination for at least a month.
'Workcations may have value, but they are not a substitute for actual vacations.' Katie Denis, ProjectTimeOff

Make Travel a SMART Goal

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Instead of saying you want to travel more, pick a time, date, and budget.
“I want to travel more” becomes “I will open a savings account and put away $100 a month so that I can go to Puerto Vallarta for three days in August of 2019.”

Consult a Travel Advisor

Travel Agents or Advisors are your biggest advocate when it comes to travel. The age of buying over the internet has made things more deceptive and confusing. Even airlines these days advertise low fares that don’t include baggage or even complimentary beverages on board, let alone water. A travel advisor can guide you toward the best destination according to your personality, preferences, and yes, budget.
Whether a cruise or an all inclusive resort, a guided tour, or a fully independent itinerary, your travel advisor will be able to educate you on the options you have.
Instead of making a resolution in 2019 to travel more, let’s start making an actionable plan. Contact us today. You’ll never regret it.

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