Tamara Salaski

Travel Planner

Tamara Salaski

34 countries visited including Greece, Morocco, and South Africa. She is a Hawaiian Islands Specialist.

What do you like about being a Travel Agent?

My travel experience through my earlier sports career combined with my university education in tourism gives me a solid knowledge base to share with future clients. So what I like the most is creating custom vacations while still learning about new countries, cities, cultures, and landmarks. The highlight for me is trying to offer an experience that will turn into a memory which always brings a smile to one’s face.

Top destination when traveling with your family/husband?

When I was younger I enjoyed camping with my family. We spent almost every weekend on the mountains near our city of Valjevo (Serbia), where we hiked and slept in tents

I really enjoyed on it. Now that I am married, when I travel with my husband, we seek to find white sandy beaches and turquoise waters -- away from populated areas. We also enjoy exploring old city castles and ruins.

What was your most memorable trip?

The Republic of South Africa left a strong impression on me with it's stunning natural beauty, animal life, and ethnic diversity.

Near Johannesburg, the largest city, is the Unesco World Heritage site named Cradle of Humankind -- the place where it all started. The amazing memory from this trip for me was a safari where we enjoyed paradise for wide range of species (some potential dangerous). South Africa is incredible in every aspect.

What is on your travel bucket list?

The first item on my bucket list is a trip around the world. That said, I’d like to visit some of the interesting places here in the US including Hawaii. I would love to explore Mexico, India, Tahiti, Thailand, and Madagascar. I plan to visit Japan in 2020 for the Olympic Games.

Last trip?

Our last trip was a cruise (my first) to the Mediterranean in August with MSC Musica. We visited Venice, Brindisi, Santorini, Athens, Corfu, Kotor.

Any Questions?

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