Milena Ribar

Travel Planner

Milena Ribar

My last vacation was to Tel Aviv. My husband and I are long distance runners. So when we travel, we go for a marathon and visit with our friends. The way you visit a city if you are a runner and have running friends for hosts, is by running. We put on our gear and do our site seeing while running. This is always so special and different. We also went to Jerusalem (not running :) ) and it was amazing. It's takes you back in time and makes your imagination go wild thinking about the history of the spot.

My favorite travel experience has to be a motorcycle road trip, even though it's been almost ten years ago. My uncle and I had a little tradition and every year we would hit the road on a motorcycle for several days. My favorite has to be the first time we've done it, when we decided to go up the famous Highway 1. We were completely unprepared, without the proper gear for the weather (San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge was the freezing point for us), without a plan of how long we would stay, no preplanned hotels, no GPS - just a good old paper map. We ended up spending eight days on this trip. There are many stories left from this journey, along with the memories of the breathtaking views of California's coast.

On my bucket list is Provence and its lavender fields. I've been to The Netherlands several times, but never while the tulip fields are in full bloom, so that's also on the bucket list. And another one is definitely Asia, with its beautiful nature, mystic places and diverse cultures.

I like to travel with my husband and our running crew. There is always a race involved, it's always a lot of fun, a great way to see places, accomplish things together, and have fun. No pressure, no worries, everyone is there to enjoy and support each other.

As a family, we also enjoy travel, but my son is still little. It’s not always easy but it’s always special.

I have visited about 14 countries, including most of Europe.

What I like about working at a travel agency is organizing trips for clients. I get to find out about new places, learn more about the ones I already know, and I always try my best to make the nicest arrangements. I put myself in the client’s shoes and research the destination as if I were going myself. When the clients return happy, it's the best feeling.

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