Bridget Willard

Marketing and Office Support

Bridget Willard

Countries visited: 5 including France and The Netherlands

Best part of travel?

The best part of travel is opening up your mind and body to the experiences of different locations, languages, and cultures. It sounds like a cliche because it’s true. I try to immerse myself as much as possible.

Favorite vacation spot?

My favorite place in the whole world is Big Sur, California. It has the best mix of ocean, rivers, and pine trees. It’s quiet, there are great places to hike and ride horses, and the local food and culture is amazing. I did love Puerto Vallarta though and can see myself going twice or three times a year.

Most memorable travel experience?

My most memorable travel experience was going to Paris in June of 2016. I walked along the Seine and saw the most beautiful sunset. It was the kind of experience that takes your breath away and causes you to be grateful to be alive.

My last local vacation was in Solvang, California. It’s such a fun town rich with California history and wine tasting, not to mention pastries and shops galore! But in Southern California we live in Vacation Land.

In June 2018 I went to Belgrade, Serbia and fully enjoyed the food, culture, sunsets, and, of course, rakija. I spent the day in Novi Sad which was awesome. In August I went to Nijmegen, The Netherlands, and I just got back from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. When you learn how inexpensive travel is (compared to your preconceived notions), it's easy to include it in your life. I'm only sorry I waited until I was 44 to travel.

What is on your travel bucket list?

My travel bucket list includes seeing the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, seeing the Northern Lights in the Northwest Territories, and sipping limoncello at sunset in Sorrento, Italy.

Next stop?

I'll be going to Seattle, Washington, twice this fall, and (fingers crossed) Berlin in June of 2019.

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