Even excellence needs a few changes over time.

This is especially true in travel, and Butterfield & Robinson is constantly re-assessing its luxury active tours, re-negotiating crowded destinations, unearthing local finds and integrating new hotels and restaurants onto trips.

Butterfield & Robinson’s Trip Designers always have their fingers on the pulse of each region – here are some noteworthy updates made to trips, ensuring you’re getting the best B&R experience.

Butterfield & Robinson helps you Slow Down to See the World

Choose Among B&R’s new trips in 2020 perfect for you:

  • Biking,
  • Boat,
  • Family,
  • Food & Wine,
  • Multi-Active,
  • Walking,
  • Safari

  • 24/7 guided,
  • Daytime guided,
  • Self-guided

Trip Type:
  • Private,
  • Small Group
All B&R tours bring outdoor exploration and luxurious comfort together in perfect harmony.

Getting outdoors on your next vacation is easy with our research, planning and expertise.
Here’s a sample of what’s new this year:

FROM: $6595 USD/ $8970 CAN

FROM: $28,995 USD/ $39,435 CAN

FROM: $4995 USD/ $6795 CAN

FROM: $6995 USD/ $9515 CAN

FROM: $8595 USD/ $11690 CAN

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